About us

Danarti is an independent, interdisciplinary series of publications on art and culture based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Each issue gathers commissioned works by artists, cultural workers and workers of various scientific fields around one subject at a time. Danarti is also interested in re-publishing and/or translating some of the classical work. Each issue includes a work by a commissioned artist.

Danarti translates as enclosure from Georgian. It comes enclosed as a textual response to an event, a social or a political issue - to a research subject. Following the traditions of a Samizdat - a self-published Zine popular within the USSR - Danarti defines its way of working as irregular and independent. 

Founded in 2011 by Elene Abashidze, Ana Chorgolashvili and Natuta Bagrationi, Danarti came into life again in 2015 with a new issue edited by the team's new member Iru Djordjadze. Since November 2016 Danarti is online and operates both online and in print.


Thank you:
Open Society Georgia Foundation,
Kunsthalle Zurich.
Thank you Ani Asatiani for helping to build the website.