Anna Dziapshipa is an art historian. She is a co-founder of SAKDOC FILM. At the company she works as a film producer and a project manager. in 2009 she has organized the first Caucasian forum for documentary films - PITCH.DOC. A number of documentary films which she worked on as a producer have participated in various international film festivals and won various awards.  Today she works on a film of her own, as a film director. Anna contributes to various media platforms, such as CHAIKHANA, INDIGO. She is an initiator of creating AVA.GE - an Abkhazian virtual archive. She runs a photography blog: myodysseia.tumblr.com 

Levan Chogoshvili
- Born in 1953. Is one of the pioneer Contemporary Artists of Georgia and an active actant in the development of the sphere in Georgia. In 2000 he has founded a Contemporary Art Foundation and in co-founded a journal Iliazd. He lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Keti Kapanadze
 - Born 1962. She is on of the pioneer Contemporary Artists of Georgia. Since 2000 she lives and works in Germany.

Aleksandre Koberidze - Born on 19th October 1984 in Tbilisi, Georgia. From 2001 to 2005 he was studying Film producing at the Film and Theater University in Tbilisi, Georgia. Since 2009 he studies directing at German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB).

Sophio Medoidze is artist and writer living in London. She also works as part of Clara Emigrand collective. She studied fine art at Goldsmiths College (MFA) and Photography at London College of Communication (MA). Recent exhibitions include Kunstmuseum Luzern, Switzerland, Sixty-eight Institute Copenhagen DK, as well as screenings at the B-movie cinema, Hamburg, Whitechapel Gallery, London and Avanca film festival, Portugal. 

Koka Ramishvili is one of the key figures of contemporary art in Georgia. He is a co-founder of the Contemporary Art Center in Tbilisi in 1994,  also the Visual Laboratory and an art magazine Signal in 1997.  His work is based on the poetic and structural platform and inter-disciplinary praxis. Since 2000 he lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. In 2009 he has represented Georgia on the 53d  international exhibition of Venice Biennial. 

Ben Wheeler is an ethnomusicologist, experimental musician and the co-founder of Mountains of Tongues, an organization dedicated to the protection and promotion of the diverse musical traditions of the Caucausus region. Ben has spent the last 6 years conducting recording sessions and interviews with musicians throughout the South Caucasus; compilations of his project's field recordings have been released internationally in multiple forms (LP, CD, Tape). He regularly gives lectures and conducts workshops on music preservation and hosts the radio program Caucasus All Frequency on Radio GIPA 94.3 in Tbilisi.

Nata Zarnadze is a cinema actress. She was born in 1985 in Tbilisi, Georgia where she currently lives and works.