ულიონა ოდიშარია - შერჩეული ნამუშევრები, 2014 - 2018 წ.წ.

ტექსტი ორიგინალიდან თარგმნილი  არ არის.

Some things I found and kept:

Snow sphere with a blank sponge inside - can’t tell if it’s waiting for an image or an image disappeared from it. It can be used to commemo- rate nothing.

Glass deer without the head and the tail.

Tissues from Lidl. The self referential design of the package shows both what it contains and what it looks like with what it contains. It states the obvious. It shows that it is what it is.


Our garden is full of snails. the soles of our shoes are permanently cov- ered in cracked shells and slime.
our uncle brought a handful of snails and let them out in the garden years ago and now there’s one in every step, on every leaf, every rock and every tree. they’re moving slowly, all the time. one summer i was cruel to them. i wanted to know more. i put a burning match closeto the snail and see what it did. i tried to pick them out of their shells with little sticks. i wanted to see the inside of their houses, what else was there, and their bodies, and how long they stretched.i tried to domesticate them as well, but they already had homes. there was nothing i could do, nothing they needed from me.so maybe i loved snails. maybe that’s what it is - violently wanting know all there is to know about something and see if you can han- dle it, if you can keep it in your hand. because if you say you love something but have no desire to pick it apart and see everything that makes it, then maybe you just love the idea of what you say you love. i’ve never seen so many snails anywhere else, ever, as in our garden.
i don’t see so many of them where i live now, and if i see one i feel like home.


See-through and frosted: tracing paper, steam on glass, clear matt plastic pouches at work, what else?


He was standing just a few steps in front of me and it was a hot sum- mer day, so it was clear that the cold air was coming from his half open backpack.


You have an angry face but your hat tells a different story.

უკან დაბრუნება