Blue Horns -Tizian Tabidze

…In Georgia “blue flower” had a red stalk. For Georgians the sky and the earth have never been separated from each other for good. We used to be pagans and with no common links to religious hetaerism. We have managed to escape influence of orgiastic adulterous Asia, which made Alexandrian school drawn. We have got away from it in an uncorrupted way. Later we became Christians who kept distance from oriental ascetic philosophy. We remained pagans maybe because we were Christians long before emergence of the Christianity itself.

We cannot imagine a soul without a body and vice versa. We remain indifferent to the dogmatic tournament of the Byzantine monks and duel of materialism and idealism. Maybe we have already experienced what Neo-Christians are preaching about. We managed to conciliate the soul and the flesh and this is what is called the third testament, a testament of a new soul. In the past Plato has been our favorite philosopher and we even proved our love through our actions. This is what Rustaveli writes about. We decided to believe in Neo-Platonism only and we had our reasons for our choice. The last testament on the deathbed, Socrates’ illusion about the music and later his love to the pupil. We were the ones to feel special closeness to the musical relieve.

-Sensible relieve of people – this is the name of the culture, - says Vyacheslav Ivanov. These words sound like a horrible irony from his mouth. Russian art is still in a state of fasting and is subject to sorrow like Johannes.

-Sensible relieve of people.

... and sensible relieve has been born.

His art is a leading feast. We often experienced bad times and were attacked by yellow hordes. But the feast of Georgian art has never been a “feast during the dark times” when a toastmaster is a despair.

1913 - 21