'Colonial Dweller’s Ten Commandments' - Levan Choghoshvili

Colonial Dweller's Ten Commandments, Tbilisi, 1994.

1. Never believe when you are told that you are one to be blamed for


Don’t believe that people are an ignorant crowd.

2. Never believe that your fatherland is poor and man are lazy.

Don’t believe that the government thinks that people are stupid;

Government just knows that people are petrified.

3. Never believe that there is Nazism in colony and democracy in metrop-


Don’t believe that public execution in conquered country is worse than

latent murders in conquerors gaols.

4. Never believe that those who start the war would end up peacefully;

not conquerors army will fulfill peaceful mission. Don’t believe that the

government which came by others will, would leave by its own will.

5. Never believe that in colonies there are any civil or patriotic wars be-

tween ethnic groups. There are always instigated gladiator fights.

Don’t believe that dictator ever changes his belief and at the same time

maintains his position. Priest is not a hypocrite and linguist never says

lies. Don’t believe when he denies the cognation of our languages.

6. Never believe that national leader is not an agent if he is not murdered

soon. (those are not killed who are ridiculous characters, so that the truth

told to people by them would become ridiculous).

Don’t beleive that those are democtracts, whose opositionists are fas-


7. Never believe that in elections those are more important who vote, but

not those who count votes.

Don’t believe that the unity wins and not the weapon and that propagan-

da doesn’t corrupt people.

8. Never believe that press is anywhere free, especially when it always

and about everything speaks ironically.

Don’t believe that terrorist is that who blows up a house and democrat is

that who bombs a town.

9. Never believe that you have got a freedom yourself. Just more power-

ful conquerors petrified your conquerors.

Don’t believe that misfortunes are over and shamelessness has limits.

Don’t believe in semi freedom.

10. Never believe that you are allowed to enter democratic country un-

less you are an agent, bandit or corrupted.

Don’t believe that you are ever heard.