Twelve Women Gone Missing - A Questionnaire


Question 1: What is your name and your name at birth? What nationality is the passport you currently hold?

Thea Gvetadze Merlani. Thea Gvetadze. German.

Question 2: When and where does your biography as an artist start?

When I first sneak to my grandmothers studio at age 13.

Question 3: How many times have you shown your work in Georgia and when? / How many times have you shown your work elsewhere?

2 solo shows at gallery Nectar 2014 and 2017. Several group shows from 2014 'til today

Question 4: Why did you leave? / Why did you go back?

I left for my studies and came back to fight against my father's cancer.

Question 5: Does your work reflect your biography?

I am afraid, sometimes one can read whole my life trough my work.

Question 6: Do you have any influences from any Georgian visual art tradition which you apply to your work? Why?/Why not?

I can not point any particular art tradition but I am definitely very inspired from almost everything what Georgia has produced from ancient times till today.

Question 7: Would you define your practice as feminist?

I am bit out of this kind of definitions.

Question 8: Are you an active actant in the art scene of your current place of residence.

I do.